Safety Tips For Your Apartment Complex Swimming Pool

Looking for apartments in Sellersville with a pool?
Heritage Greene apartments not only has a luxurious 1,200-square-foot swimming pool, but it also features an adjacent baby pool for our younger residents!
Before our residents take their first dip, we want to ensure that they know the proper etiquette and rules for using the pool and pool area.
Below are some of the most important pool safety tips that should be followed at all times.

1. Do Not Leave Children Unsupervised In The Pool Area

Children can be fearless when they’re playing. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important for parents and adult guardians to supervise children when they’re swimming in either of the pools or playing on the patio.
It only takes a few seconds for an accident to occur. And, although the baby pool is much more shallow than the swimming pool, it only takes a few inches of water to cause drowning.
To avoid any accidents or emergencies, parents and adult guardians need to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times when enjoying the pool area.

2. Never Bring Any Glassware Into The Pool Area

This is a rule that not many folks are often aware of. While it’s wonderful to relax poolside on a hot day with a cold beverage, that drink should never be served in a glass or glass bottle.
The reason glassware is prohibited from use in the pool area is because broken glass can cause a variety of hazards.
As residents are often barefoot or wearing sandals in the pool area, broken glass on the patio could cut their feet.
Also, if broken glass falls into the pool, then the potential for injury and damage is increased. Glass is practically invisible in water, so swimmers could get cut or swallow small pieces of glass. Plus, the pool liner could be damaged by broken glass and cause leaks.
In the event of broken glass falling into the water, all swimmers should immediately exit the pool. Then the property manager and maintenance supervisor should be contacted to let them know about the situation.
The pool will be closed and patio area off liit until the water has been drained, the pool cleaner, and the liner inspected for damage.

3. No Running Or Diving

As soon as they see the pool people get excited. From small children to teens to adults, many residents want to take a running jump into the cool water on a hot, humid PA summer day.
However, running, jumping, and diving into the pool could potentially lead to both minor and severe injuries.
Running on the patio could cause a fall. Since it’s made of concrete, a fall on the patio could lead to cuts, scrapes, brush burns, bruises, broken bones, or concussions. While in the pool area, all residents should walk carefully along the patio to reduce the risk of injury.
Even though many residents may want to dive into the pool, this activity is not allowed for safety reasons. The residential pool, although deeper than the baby pool, is still not deep enough to safely accommodate diving.
If a resident dives into the pool, especially head first, they could make contact with the pool floor. The intensity of the impact could lead to injuries such as cuts, bruises, concussions, broken bones, skull fractures, and/or neck and spinal cord injuries.
It’s best to play it safe and refrain from running on the patio and diving into the pool.

4. Do Not Swim During Severe Weather

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence during the summer. They’re also a hazard for swimmers.
Water attracts lightning. The bigger the water source, the bigger the chance of lightning striking that area.
If storms are in the forecast, it’s best to monitor the weather so residents can plan their pool time accordingly. That way everyone can be safely back indoors before the weather turns.
Should a surprise storm appear, all swimmers should immediately exit the pool and everyone in the pool area should head for cover in their apartments.

5. Have a Fun And Safe Swim at Heritage Greene

Heritage Greene wants all of our residents to enjoy our swimming and baby pools during the warm weather. And if everyone follows these safety tips it will ensure a good time all of the time!
To learn more about our apartments in Sellersville with a pool and other popular in-unit and community amenities, please contact our leasing office today!